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A Small, Portable Lock-Free API

Core Definitions

Mintomic has its own internal set of core definitions, including portable integer types, compiler attributes and convenience functions. You can include it directly via <mintomic/core.h>.

In most cases, though, you’ll probably want to include <mintomic/mintomic.h> instead, which includes the core definitions for you.

Integer Types

All of the following fixed-size integer types are defined:

int8_t      uint8_t
int16_t     uint16_t
int32_t     uint32_t
int64_t     uint64_t

On platforms where stdint.h is available, it defines them by including that. On other platforms, such as Visual Studio 2008, it defines them on its own.



Declare memory alignment of a variable or structure. May not work on local variables in GCC.

MINT_DECL_ALIGNED(int value, 16);

typedef MINT_DECL_ALIGNED(struct, 16) Point { float x, y, z, w; };

Declares only pure C functions (non-C++ class members) inline.


Disables automatic inlining on functions whose definitions are visible from the caller’s scope.


To declare thread-local variables.