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A Small, Portable Lock-Free API

Lock-Free API

Mintomic’s lock-free API is a single set of functions for lock-free programming which works on a variety of platforms. It’s implemented in pure C, mainly as a set of header files.

To use the lock-free API in your project, simply add the top-level include/ folder to your include path, and include <mintomic/mintomic.h>. More information can be found in the following subsections:

The Memory Model

Mintomic relies on the compiler to make certain guarantees about the underlying memory model.

Core Definitions

Mintomic has its own internal set of core definitions, including portable integer types, compiler attributes and convenience functions. You can include it directly via <mintomic/core.h>.

Atomic Operations

Mintomic provides atomic data types such as mint_atomic32_t, and portable 32- and 64-bit variants of common atomic operations such as mint_load_32_relaxed, mint_store_32_relaxed and mint_compare_exchange_32_relaxed. In Mintomic, all atomic operations use relaxed memory ordering constraints.

Memory Fences

The only way to enforce memory ordering in Mintomic is by issuing an explicit fence instruction. Different instructions apply different ordering constraints, such as mint_thread_fence_acquire, mint_thread_fence_release and mint_thread_fence_seq_cst.